Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Going blue not green

Time to think about recycling the Christmas tree. Last year I cut off some of the branches and we then pushed it out of the window rather than carry it through the house to the front door, scattering needles along the way. This year the husband has sealed up all the windows with insulating tape as part of his war against draughts.
We don't have double glazing as the leaded light windows are a period feature, along with the fireplaces (also draughty) and the coving (a bugger to paint).
We don't have cavity wall insulation and we have an office in the loft, although the bits right under the eaves are insulated.
During the cold snap we had to have the central heating on 24/7 and we kept a fire going day and night in the front room (the one we spend most time in).
This house will never be energy efficient but at least the indoor temperature has been a good excuse to buy some lovely cashmere jumpers in the sales.

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